Lucas K Watson

A rising maker and roboticist. Interested in the applications of emerging technologies and research, particular those in acoustics, robotics, and quantum computation.

Some other projects.

Home Assistant

November 2017 (In progress) — Personal Project

Using an Android Things developer kit I received at a Hackathon, I created a home assistant which caters to my house.

The 8-segment display which shows the time until the next inbound T (Boston subway) will arrive to the nearest stop to the house.

Utilizing the camera, the device detects faces using the Cloud Vision API, and upon seeing a face, greets it by saying "Welcome home". Currently, I'm working on integrating facial recognition, such that the device will be able to say "Welcome home [name]" for stored faces.

Current work also involves integrating the Google Assistant API.

Tech Used.

  • Android Things Developer Kit
  • Google Cloud Vision API

Neural Network

November 2016 — Class Project, Team of 2

For a final project in an introductory Python course, I worked together with one of my peers to create an implementation of a Neural Network from scratch in Python, using Numpy. We used the common MNIST handwritten digit database, and set out to create a network to recognize digits.

Our network used the Stochastic Gradient Descent, along with optimizations like minibatch for training. We also implemented a basic form of annealed learning. Our network reached a peak accuracy of about 96%.

Magsafe Cable Saver

September 2015 — Personal Project

While Apple’s cables are known for their sleek design, they aren’t known for their durability. It came to be that my MagSafe connector became frayed. Instead of buying a whole new one for $80, I decided to try and use 3D printing to solve this.

After iterating through a few prototypes, I found a part that fit well. It's still available to buy here on Shapeways.

Tech Used.

  • Fusion 360
  • Objet 3D printer (prototyping)
  • Shapeways 3D printing (SLS service)

Miniature Pinball Machine

November 2016 — Class Project, Team of 3

Group project in learning methods for machining different materials. Made from acrylic and HDPE. Uses spring and moment arm mechanism for lever action.

Tech Used.

  • Gibbs CAM
  • CNC Machine
  • Solidworks

Coffee Roasting

January 2017 — Personal Project

Roasted single-origin beans on a stovetop. Kept log of roast time, temperature, and color. Blind tasted each batch and compared to data, qualitatively verifying the relationship between roast time and certain flavor characteristics.

3D Printed Wax Mold

December 2016 — Personal Project

3D printed mold, mimics elements of a metal casting mold, uses wax. More successful design created allowed part to be removed (not pictured). To be used as a teaching tool.

Clock Stand

September 2015 — Personal Class Project

Given challenge to create a simple stand from a steel bar, allowing for two viewing angles of the clock. Design only uses bends, no welds or joints.

More not pictured (yet):

  • Custom built 3D printer
  • Several Haunted House room designs (and builds)